Today In Charleston History: February 20


t. pinckneyThomas Pinckney became the thirty-sixth governor of South Carolina

1787-Constitutional Convention

The Legislature chose five men to attend the Constitutional Convention:

  • John Rutledge
  • Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (older brother of the governor)
  • Henry Laurens, who declined to serve, citing health concerns
  • Charles Pinckney (Cotesworth Pinckney’s 2nd cousin)
  • Pierce Butler.
grimke, angelina

Angelina Grimke

Angelina Grimke was born in Charleston. Along with her older sister, Sarah, she became on the most famous abolitionists in America.

1865 – Federal occupation

Rev. Howe refused Col. Bennett’s order to pray for the president of the United States at St. Paul’s Church. 

The offices of the Courier were turned over to George Wittemore and George Johnson, Northern correspondents who arrived with the army. They were “authorized to issue a loyal union newspaper.”

Miles Brewton House, at 27 King Street, became Federal army headquarters.

miles brewton house

Miles Brewton House, 27 King Street


Today In Charleston History: November 2

1669 – Carolina Expedition

The ships of the Carolina expedition made port in Barbados a day before a hurricane hit the island. The sloop Albemarle was destroyed and the other two ships were so severely damaged that repairs took more than a month. Food was so short that Sir John Colleton took “more than 20 servants” to his plantation. 

1786 – Duel

Dr. Joseph Brown Ladd died as a result of wounds sustained in a duel with Ralph Issacs on Philadelphia Alley.

1828 – Deaths.

Thomas Pinckney died.

t. pinckneyPinckney was the son of Eliza Lucas Pinckney and younger brother of Charles Cotesworth, who signed the Constitution of the United States. Thomas served during the American Revolution as captain of the 1st South Carolina Regiment of the Continental Army. In 1781 he fought in Virginia with Lafayette. He served as the 36th governor of South Carolina from 1787-89. In 1792, Pinckney replaced John Adams as Minister to Great Britain for four years.  He also served as Envoy Extraordinary to Spain and arranged the Treaty of San Lorenzo, also known as Pinckney’s Treaty, with Spain in 1795. 

Today In Charleston History: October 23

1704 – Religion

 Francis Simonds, a widow, donated a plot of land for the construction of a dissenting church building, the White Meeting House – the site of the current Circular Church on Meeting Street.

1754 – Births

t. pinckneyThomas Pinckney born in Charleston, second son of Charles and Eliza Pinckney.

1764 – Stamp Act

 A masked and armed mob (probably members of the Sons of Liberty) of “about 60 to 80” marched on Henry Laurens’ house at midnight, suspecting that he held the stamps. Lauren’s coolness toward the Patriot cause made him suspicious in the eyes of the public. The mob held “a brace of cutlasses across my breast” and for the next hour the house was searched.  Laurens was amazed by the lack of damage to his house:

Is it not amazing that such a number of Men many of them heated with Liquor & all armed with Cutlasses & Clubbs did not do one penny damage to my Garden not even not even to walk over a Bed & not damage to my Fence, gate or House?


 The Best Friend arrived in Charleston on the freighter Niagra, in parts, and was taken to the shop of Thomas Dotterer where it was reassembled.

best friend

The Best Friend