doin' the charlestonFor the first time, here is the stirring story of the Jenkins Orphanage Band and its role in American popular music. From slavery to freedom, followthe inspirational rags-to-riches story of some of America’s greatest jazz musicians brought together by the determination of one man, a freed black slave named Rev. Daniel Jenkins.His Jazz Nursery revolutionized the music world!

Did you know that the dance called the Charleston was first popularized in New York by a group of black orphans from Charleston, South Carolina?

No dance epitomizes the spirit of the 1920’s more than the Charleston. The dance was introduced to the public in 1923 by the all black cast of a show called Runnin’ Wild. One of it’s featured songs was James P. Johnson’s “Charleston.” Almost immediately, the Charleston became immensely popular all across America. Tin Pan Alley churned out hundreds of new Charleston tunes.

Did you know that Cat Anderson of the Jenkins Band is considered the greatest high-note trumpet player in jazz by Duke Ellington and Winton Marsalis?

Dance hallcharleston (loc) - Copys and hotels held so many Charleston contests that hospitals reported increasing numbers of patients who complained"of Charleston knee Joan Crawford made her first big splash as a flapper who won numerous Charleston contests. Many ballrooms tried to discourage the frenetic Charleston dance all together or they posted signs that read PCQ – Please Charleston Quietly.

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