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Today In Charleston History: May 7

1725 – Gov. Nicholson leaves.
Sir Francis Nicholson

Sir Francis Nicholson

Gov. Nicholson returned to London, carrying with him Cherokee baskets that became part of the earliest collections in the British Museum. Arthur Middleton, as president of the Council, assumed the administration of South Carolina.

 1780-The Siege of Charlestown.

Ft. Moultrie fell to the British. This was militarily significant, but for most citizens it was also psychologically devastating. Moultrie had successfully repulsed the British on June 28, 1776. but it was now under the enemy’s control, the British flag flying from its ramparts. The reality that the British were winning the siege of Charlestown was driven home. 

1781-British Occupation

Gen. Clinton issued a proclamation encouraging “Rebels or those serving in Rebel army or militia” to enlist in the British army. For a three-year enlistment, the British promised the “regiment of his choice, six guineas (a gold coin worth £1 sterling) and a grant of land.”


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