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I Travel By Night: A Review

Welcome back, Mr. MacCammon!

I know MacCammon never really went away, but he’s back to more familiar territory. As entertaining as the Matthew Corbett histortravelb y nightical mysteries are, MacCammon is always at his best when brushing up against the fictional dark side.
I Travel By Night is a slight novel, but it hints at a larger world and narrative which I hope MacCammon is going to explore over a series of several more novels.

Trevor Lawson, a man of adventure who lives in the Hotel Sanctuaire in New Orleans, is a recognizable character … a bit of Travis McGee, Repairman Jack and Cullen Bohannon (from AMC’s “Hell On Wheels”) except that Lawson was turned into a member of the “Dark Society” during the battle of Shiloh. He has spent the next 30 years fighting the other members of the Dark Society, and killing more than his share. When Lawson is hired to deliver a gold ransom for the return of the daughter of a rich plantation owner, all it not as it seems. The woman was taken by members of the Dark Society in an effort to lure Lawson into their nest in the middle of the bayou. Their goal is to either force Lawson to join, or kill him.

Along the way the kidnapped woman’s sister joins Lawson and … you’ll have to read the rest. Enjoy!

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