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The Gold Coast & The Gate House: A Review

Okay, so I know how much other critics love these two books. I am also a Demille fan. The
Charm School, Word of Honor, The General’s Daughter
and Plum Island are all good books. Exciting thrillers and well written. So I know Demille is capable of writing good books. 

I read The Gold Coast when it was first published in 1990, and remember not being impressed at all. FAST FORWARD to 2009 – with great hype, Demille’s sequel to Gold Coast was published  and I was v-e-r-y  disinterested.

However, recently, I decided to give the books a second chance and re-read the first book before I read the new one. Halfway through Gold Coast for the second time I found myself very impatient. One question kept popping up in my head: Who the f*@k cares? I found nothing about any of the three main characters sympathetic.

In fact, by page 350 I was hoping everyone would die. Alas, only the so-called “bad guy” Frank Bellarosa gets it in the end. Frank’s crime was being an Italian and daring to move into the cloistered white-bread preppy culture of snobs and shallow people along the Gold Coast – and tempting his ultra uptight neighbors John and Susan Sutter. According to the book’s description, John’s narrative voice is “sardonic – often hilarious.” Someone at the publishers has a different definition of hilarious than most of us.

I was thankful when it was finished, and pissed that John and Susan were still breathing valuble oxygen. So it was with trepidation that moved on to The Gate House. Ten years after his wife Susan killed Mob boss Frank Bellarosa, John Sutter returns to the cloistered life on the Gold Coast. John spends pages and pages ruminating about how terrible life is at the country club, on his yacht and in his mansion. Most of his problems are due to the fact that he is too much of a wienie to actually say “screw it” and leave the so-called good life behind. His annoying wife Susan is still annoying. She has a six-figure income from a family trust fund and is a spoiled bratty bitch. What John sees in her – other than her money and taste for kinky sex – is beyond me. So, if you enjoy reading about spoiled, self-important people clinging to an out-dated lifestyle I can recommend several books about Charleston in the 1860s. Stay away from this piece of boring crap.

HINT: next time have the editor actually EDIT and cut out the boring $h!t -75% of these books.

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