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An mess of epic Lovecraftian proportions. This will be the last time I will read this author.

american elsewhereI read Bennett’s “Mr. Shivers” due to all the rave reviews it got, and found that book flat and very mediocre. However, due to consistent rave reviews of his other books I decided to give him another shot. Never again.

First thing: There need to be warning labels on Kindle novels that announce: WARNING, THIS BOOK IS WRITTEN IN PRESENT TENSE IN AN ATTEMPT TO BE EDGY AND COOL. I guarantee, 90% of people who read a book in the present tense translate all the passages into past tense as they read, so … what is the purpose?

Second: This novel is waaaaaaay too long, with characters that chaotically bounce in and out of the story. The story ended but my Kindle kept telling my I was only 90% finished. Lots of wasted prose at the end.

Third: Plot is convoluted (I am being kind), silly and ultimately dumb. Obviously Bennett was going for a Lovecraftian tale here, so he could check that particular genre of horror off his resume. I have no idea where he will go next, but it doesn’t matter, since I will not be reading it.

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